About us


The core business includes import, export and wholesale of petroleum products. We mainly offer: diesel oil, LPG and bio oils.

Our long-term experience in the international trade of petroleum products enables us to solve pressing problems instantly and act faster than any other company on the market. Therefore, we offer stability, promptness of deliveries and competitive prices.


Our Vision

We hope to become the leading independent petroleum company that operates on the territory of Central Europe.

Our Mission

Our strategy is built on loyal, long-term and effective business relations with our partners. We gain the competitive advantage through good decision-making skills and the realization of tasks in a timely manner. We believe that our goals can be achieved through complying with values that are applied on a day-to-day basis.

Our Values

  • promptness
  • safety
  • affordable prices
  • loyalty



fuel oil trade within the territory of Poland OPC/15868/28215/W/DRG/2016/ER

fuel turnover with foreign countries OPZ/126/28215/W/DRG/2016/ER


We operate on the territories of Central-East and West Europe. We team up with fuel producers, fuel concerns and private companies.

Our products

Our history

Petrax Trade PLC was funded due to the dynamic growth of the Petrax brand.

Petrax Ltd was set up in 1999. It has been recognized as one of the most vital Polish petroleum companies through securing contracts such as: supplying Czechowice Refinery and Trzebinia Refinery with 300 000 metric tons of crude oil a year delivered from Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kaliningrad.

Petrax was rewarded with several prizes that confirm the status of the company on the European petroleum market. Moreover, it is constantly recognized in the rankings created by prestigious media e.g: Forbes, Rzeczpospolita, Polityka, Polish Market.

Nearly 20 years of existence on the market taught us how to thrive in this industry. We hope that our longstanding position on the market will secure its steady development and broaden the possibilities of international cooperation.


Business Partners


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